Saturday, June 02, 2007

update & heaps of thank youssss..

think that i need and i should get things updated.

been back in the uk for exactly one week and have been receiving the love and support that i needed form friends and lecturers. thank you very much.

a special thank to inted staffs, especially paul and sarah, for being able to provide help at the moment i needed most. thank you for everything, from the booking of the flight ticket to the transport arrangement. excellent job. thank you very much.

malaysian fest was a success, few hiccups here and there but still managed to pull it through. felt good that the people who came saw how hard it was to make the display for the malay wedding a success and a beautiful one. thanks to all those who have helped and sorry to all those who have to bear with my two hours of hangin-ness just before malaysian fest. i'll leave you with a picture of the malay wedding display.

happy to see pak cik bo and atuk paul aka pak cik gambar of royal mail (sorry, no picture of them sitting at the dais) at the show and again they told us how enjoyable those three weeks were when we were working with them. good news, they want us to apply for the job again if possible. thank you again.

had just called home a few hours ago. everyone is doing good, i can tell. had talked to mama and felt relieved that she was able to laugh again. proud of you, mama. strong as ever. =). thank you to mama, along, jaja and adek for being strong. thank you very much.

thank you to you for reading my blog.



soyasofya said...

pelamin.. kawen.. *drooling~* ooppss, malaysian fest eh, ehhe, tahniah2 at last berjaya eh.. i nk tgk the wau(s)~ plss..

.:alin~yussuff:. said...

nnt i carik eh gmbar wau(s)..
sbb xde sgt..