Thursday, January 18, 2007

harry potter in oxford..

the conversations occurred when we went sightseeing at the oxford university last week..

Conversation 1:
alin: la dlm citer harry potter tu.. (looking at the building)
ejat: la scene dlm harry potter tu..dlm harry potter 1 bangunan ni jadik hospital..pastu dlm harry potter 2 jadik diyer nyer skolah..
alin: ohh ye kerr..
ejat: kat dalam bangunan ni la diyer gune utk shoot..
alin: ~~ (keep on looking at the building-pura2 paham)..ok balik nnt nk tgk harry potter laa..

Conversation 2:
ejat: ni pon lagi satu tempat utk shooting harry potter jugak..kat dlm ni la diyer shoot tempat diyer main ....(main aper ntah..those who have watch harry potter tau la kot)
alin: ohhh ye ker..hhaaaa..ejat, amikkan gambar..

the truth is, i have never watched any of harry potter movies before..nor i have read the book..tak kesah laa..yg penting, ive been there..hahahaha.. :P

i'll be gone for almost a week..i'm off to london tomorrow and i'll be on my way to paris on friday..beronggeng and berjimba in disneyland..hope to spend a great time there..c u soon..bubbye..


Rosyada said...

quidditch perhaps??

.:alin~yussuff:. said...

i dont know..
thank u syada..

ah^kam koko' said...

how awesome is that?!!

hada great time?

.:alin~yussuff:. said...

i really did!!

::tAsSy:: said...

alin!! u r so lucky! u gi tempat diorg shoot harry potter! omg, how cool.

it is indeed quidditch. and alin, u should watch harry potter! hehe