Tuesday, March 20, 2007

one more...

just as i thought there's nothing weird about me, i saw my basket of toilettries by the toilet window..nothing weird bout that..it's just that i have more than 5 body showers in the basket..let's list them out..
  • cranberry shower gel from body shop
  • fantasy shower gel by britney spears
  • johnson & johnson baby bedtime bath
  • dreamwash from lush
  • radox muscle soak
  • o2 spa set (includes 2 tubes of shower gel and 1 tube of bath salt)
  • strawberry bar soap from body shop

and i have another bottle of rose shower gel from body shop which has not been used yet.. no, no..i'm not selling that one..i'll use that one when cranberry shower gel is finished.. =)


soyasofya said...

wahahha.. dats weird.. having soooo much for a bath.. notice anything weird about me?? wanee has tagged me lorr ;)

.:alin~yussuff:. said...

i'll tell u that
nothing is weird about u..
the important thing is..
what YOU think is weird about YOU..
saje je nk psychokan..