Monday, September 18, 2006

of torquay n teluk batik..

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yesterday, we (ejat, leleng, tiqah, ina, wani n myself) went to was's been months since i last wiggled my toes in the salty sea water..of course, it was exciting and the scenery was beautiful..when i was walking by the even felt like i was walking in Lumut..each one of us kept on saying.. wahhh..bestnyer..lama dah tak mandi laut.. except for ejat who refused to get her feet into the water because..mak ejat kater jangan main tempat orang..hehe..and i kept mentioned how refreshing it feels in the water and how i miss teluk batik..

talking about teluk batik..i cant help but being disappointed with the gathering of mat rempit in teluk batik a few weeks ago by putera umno..i dont mind the gathering..i know that they did help some of the villagers..but what made me angry and kecewa is the fact that the mat rempit misbehaved in someone's peaceful town and my fav place to hang out in Lumut..some of them were caught drunk and even slept together(women and men) in a hotel..and then there was another story about how they berkubang in the kolam masjid..hello??!!! cant u even think??!! tu masjid laa..and the water in the kolam is used untuk bersuci..why must u do that??!!! u have the whole teluk batik..berkubang la kat teluk batik tu!! BUDUS!!

i believe, what the mat rempit have done has given teluk batik a bad impression..i think whenever i mention teluk batik to someone who hasnt been there, he or she will associate teluk batik with the gathering of mat rempit and their attitude.. people will not associate teluk batik with its nice beach or the bukit yang tinggi on the way to teluk batik tu..that's sad..
sedey kan nisa, tiqah..orang wat fav place kiter jadik camtu..



casperbarbie said...

jangan main tmpt main air kat tmpt lain eh..yg tmpt kucing ke..asal bukan tmpt org..hohhoohho

.:alin~yussuff:. said...

kucing pon xde....hahahahha..

tQa said...

mmg budus org2 itu~~