Saturday, November 24, 2007

December issue.

What will happen in the next few weeks?
  • I'm starting my job as a mail sorter in Royal Mail on Monday, a week earlier than expected. I hope that it will be less tiring than last year now that I am on the afternoon shift. Night shift was crazy. It took me three days just to adjust my sleeping pattern.
  • I will be on a trip to London next weekend.
  • I have another assignment to hand in on Friday the 7th of December.
  • An exam on the 10th of December.
  • I will be off the job on the 21st of December, just in time to get some last minute shopping before flying home.
  • I'll ship the rest of my stuff on the 26th of December and I hope that I will only need to ship two boxes. But I doubt it.
  • Finally, I will be flying home on the 28th December at 10pm (UK time). This time it's back for good. Yay!
Hope that everything will go well as planned. Can't wait to be home, nak ziarah kubur daddy. :)

p/s: I've handed in the dissertation. What a relief. Not forgetting the fact that my HDD broke down a week before dateline which results in re-typing almost 75% of the dissertation.

Bye bye dissey.

pp/s: By the way, this is entry number 120. I missed thelilmindofmine's 1st birthday as well as the 100th entry. 120 pon boleh lah. Hehe.

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